A Look Back at BlogHer 2011

Last summer was our first summer as a blending family and we wanted to take a special trip. We decided to go to San Diego, and we had a blast! So much so, my youngest wanted to go back this summer. We did a lot of the touristy type things. We went to a Padres game, took a harbour cruise.

We would have regretted not going to the San Diego Zoo to see the pandas. How often do you get to see a panda?

My husband took the boys to La Jolla for a day. 

And, being the amazing husband that he is, he made sure that we did my must-do when in San Diego.

He took me out to The Del and we watched the sun set. “Some Like It Hot” is one of my favourite movies, and I’ve always wanted to go to The Del. I can check that off of my list. Thanks, babe!

A Visit to BlogHer 2011

While we were there, the BlogHer conference happened to be going on just down the street from our hotel, and some of the stepmoms I had met on Twitter were going to be there. I don’t have friends who are stepmoms so the chance to meet these women in person was HUGE for me. They had already been such a lifeline for me on Twitter. Who woulda thought? Twitter.

I had been thinking about starting a blog for a while, and even before we left for vacation, I purchased my domain name. Us, San Diego, BlogHer? Divine intervention? My husband encouraged me to go check out the conference for a day. I am blessed to have such an encouraging partner. And was I glad I went! It was amazing! The women were amazing! They were so nice, so welcoming, interested in what everyone blogged about. They asked about my blog, gave me advice based on their experiences. I couldn’t have asked for more. As my decision to go was totally impromptu, I didn’t have any idea what to expect. It was definitely a learning experience. If you ever go to a blog conference, take business cards. Lots of business cards.

The StepMom Breakout Session

BlogHer had scheduled a StepMom breakout session. If I recall correctly, there were about six of us in the session — me, Lisa from HersHisandOurs, Heather from CafeSmom, Barb from Evil Stepmom Speaks, Diana from A Life Well Blended, and Colleen from MommyAlwaysWins. Not a lot of turnout but we all quickly realized that there is a need out there to provide positive, encouraging support for stepmoms — we need to foster our community. You should check out the article that Heather over at CafeSmom wrote about it.

I left San Diego energized to get started on my blog. I brainstormed ideas for posts on the flight home, I made all sorts of notes on things that I wanted to be sure to include.

And then school started.

And then school ended.

And here I am, almost one year later. Finally getting the blog I talked about up and running. I think I needed that full year with my husband, kids and stepkids to get my feet underneath me a bit more.

It really is all in God’s perfect timing. I can’t wait to see where He takes me and the blog from here.

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