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My name is Deb. I’m a mom/stepmom in a blending family which consists of my two sons, my husband and his daughter & son. Glad you stopped by!

We’re a blending family with older children. When we got married, the kids were 17, 15, 14 and 11. My step-daughter is the oldest, my oldest son is the oldest boy, my youngest son remains the baby in the group. My step-son is the middle boy in our family dynamic. The boys get along for the most part. My oldest son and my step-son get along great! My youngest son gets along okay with both his brother and his step-brother. There’s a lot of brother dynamics going on. My step-daughter has chosen not to have too much interaction with our blending family. While I am sad for her and her dad, and wish it was different, I respect her decision. She’s at that stage of life where she’s moving away from her family, she’s not going to want to sign up for creating another one. I totally get that. For her, our focus is to keep her relationship with her dad as intact as possible.

Why “The Family Road”?

I believe that we’re all on the family road, all part of a family in some shape, form or fashion, traveling through life together. Sort of cliche, I know. I come from a blended family, my backstory may be similar to some of yours. I’ve learned through my life that you don’t have to be related by blood to be a family.

When my husband and I married and started blending our families, I quickly found out that finding good, positive resources on how to do this was a bit tricky. I was looking for a “how-to” and came up short. I also found out that there are a lot of misconceptions around stepmoms out in the world. Right or wrong. I don’t speak for all stepmoms, just myself. I am doing the best I can by everyone in the family including the ex spouses.

My goal is to share the things that go on in our lives — day to-day stuff like co-managing the house/kids, things I run across that I think you might like, and things that we’re learning along the way as we blend our families.

My sons, husband and his children didn’t sign up to be part of this blog, and I respect them and their privacy. This site is for my stuff, my perspective, my experiences.

I hope you come along on the ride with me.

 “For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.” Jeremiah 29:11

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