How I Met My Husband

May 1985 Two Proms in One Night

May 1985
Two Proms in One Night

I was invited to participate in a Flashback Friday link party by a lovely woman from Australia, Melissa Baker. You should check out her blog at “Forgetting Mess, Pausing Time“. I thought it would be a good idea to start off with sharing a picture of me and my husband, Keith.

I met Keith in 6th grade. My family had moved to a suburb of Tulsa in 1978, and being the new kid in school always made me a bit uneasy. And wouldn’t you know that in my new school they had the entire 6th grade line up in alphabetical order to go to lunch. My last name began with “F” and I guess it would have caused havoc with the line to try to insert me into it so I was sent to the back to keep it simple. Since my husband’s last name starts with “W”, I usually ended up standing next to him. We became friends, and before I knew it, we started “going together”. What does that really mean? Does anyone know? Did you ever “go” with anyone? And when you’re in 6th grade, you don’t really go anywhere with this person. Am I the only one who has thought this??

A year later, my dad was transferred to Houston with his company. We spent 18 months down there until we were transferred back to the Tulsa area. My parents bought a house in a different school district so I didn’t go back to where Keith was going to school. I didn’t really think about it much. Life had gone on.

Life went on until I was a senior in high school. Roughly six years after we had met, Keith called me, one night, out of the blue. He asked me to come to one of his swim meets. I did. I drug my best friend at the time, April, to it. Things quickly progressed and we started dating exclusively.

We dated six months. I knew during that time that I was going to marry him. However, he didn’t get the same memo. He broke up with me on the night of my high school graduation. Via a letter and roses he left in my mailbox. Cool, huh?

I tried staying friends with him for two years while we went to different colleges and lived our own lives. The last time I saw him was in 1987. He asked me if I knew the girl he was dating since she went to the same university I did. That would be “no.” There were over 22,000 students at the university. We exchanged some unpleasant words and I drove off. Life went on.

Fast forward about 22 years, and life had us back in the same city, and both with marriages that had ended. We emailed for about 6 months before we decided to start dating. Once we decided that we were ready to date, things progressed quickly. This time we both got the memo, and things progressed into marriage. We’ve been married2 1/2 years, and it’s the absolute best!

Lots of blended love,



  1. Caroline says:

    A love story in the waiting, I am so pleased it worked out for you in the end and thank you for sharing.

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