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Cleaning My Stepson’s Microfiber Futon

“Thank goodness for Pinterest!” is all I can say.

My husband’s ex-wife sold the house they had together, and over the past few weeks some things have been slowly making their way to our house. My husband has done a great job keeping me in the loop about what’s coming home, so there wouldn’t be any surprises. And there haven’t been … until last Sunday.

My stepson’s futon which was put into his dad’s truck to be hauled off as trash, arrived at our house to be put in his room. We usually have discussion about these sorts of things, however, this discussion happened while it was sitting in the truck at our house. Net, net, we want him to feel as at home as possible, so we agreed that he could keep it here.

It’s a microfiber futon, and it was showing its use. The very night before, I had seen someone pin how to clean microfiber couches on Pinterest. I love how things work out!

You need rubbing alcohol, a spray bottle and a scrub sponge. Check this blog post out for more details and FAQs.

Here’s the “Before” shot. I started with the corner just to see if it would work.


And it totally did! I couldn’t believe how easily the gunk came off/out of it.


Okay, and just so you know what a total freakazoid I am, here’s a before and after shot of the sponge I used to clean it. I felt great satisfaction that I could see the efforts.

The sponge on the left is what the sponge on the right looked like when I started cleaning the futon.

I want to thank whoever originally pinned this blog post to Pinterest, but I want to REALLY thank Chris & Robin over at “Chris & Robin’s Nest” for blogging about this back in 2010. 

Happy Cleaning!